Based in Kenya, Closelink Investment Kenya Ltd, Trading as Closelink Networks is a Communication solutions Provider offering Connectivity on Mobile Satellite, fiber, radio, microwave, Vsat for Land, Maritime, and Air.

We have partnered with the best Industry players in the communications space to

ensure we deliver the best and most customized solutions for our clients, at the best prices.

If in need of any communication (voice, data, tracking, and navigation even in

places that have poor or non-existent terrestrial networks- we are here for you.

Our success Story

Closelink Inv.(K) Ltd. has been involved in a wide range of services and activities towards offering solutions requiring technological interventions including fleet management systems,tracking solutions,among others throughout the country and nations including Uganda and South Sudan.

Our History

Closelink Investment (K) Limited westablished in 2015, with branch networks in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu & Kitale- Kenya, Closelink

was formed to offer a comprehensive range of solutions and reach every IT need and be first choice

on such services.

Our Strenghts

-Specialty in Customized/ tailored ICT solutions

-Professional Networks and experienced personnel

-Committed to quick service and “Best Customer Service- quick turnaround times”

Our Mission

Our objective is to build a genuine and strong partnership around specific client needs. Being

affordable and with this kind of partnership in place, we can effectively put our technologies and

experience to work for you and help you see a significant increase in your company's efficiency in

application of technology that will place you on a competitive edge.

Our Process

  • Establish Contact

    Clients email or call.

  • Planning

    We conduct data collection,ground truthing and reconnaissance.

  • Organization

    Analysis of existing data is done to establish all requirements for the project.

  • management

    The company consults with the client and do briefing on all parameters concerning the customized service.  

  • Implementation/Technical Support

    This phase comprises the procedures of installations.

    Some Features About Us
    24/7 Support

    Quick Installation
    24/7 Support
    Why Choose Us
    We Are Best Available
    Priority Always To Clients
    Number of Sources in Industry